Idea #2 AdBlockers™

25 Aug

Before you tell me this product is rip-offed from the Roddy Piper classic, They Live, I want to tell you, it’s not. I’m not looking to see the subliminal messages The Man is serving up daily, I just don’t want to see any more advertisements. No more billboards pushing Pepsi. No more on-line banners begging me to click here to win more crap. Later to 284 pages of Louis Vuitton print ads in the September issue. Don’t get me wrong. I love spending too much money on face products marketed to turn back time as much as the next girl, but sometimes I want to be able to look stylish and enjoy the scenery without being sold. You know what I mean?

So for all you fellow ad-weary-sunglass-wearing people out there, go get yourself some AdBlockers™ today. Your eyes will thank you for the respite from the sell.

That or we could all just move to Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Idea #1: Mood Ring Enabler

16 Aug

Why can’t there be a mood ring, or call me crazy, a mood bracelet, sweatband or insert a la mode fashion ornament here, that could take your emotional temperature and then tell you what you should do to either a) keep the good vibrations going OR b) flip that frown upside down.

Example: mood jewelry tells me I’m feeling pissed off. Now what? I mean way to bring a bummer to the party!?! It’s like walking into a room, telling someone they’re a loser, and then leaving. Who does that? Apparently fashion accessories that rose in popularity in the 70’s. I think it would be better if there was a robot inside my mood jewelry that could offer up easy ways to get out of the creepy feelings zone. Suggestions could include: eat a Costco size bag of Cheetos, watch a Roseanne Goes Nuts marathon, buy a bottle of booze and proceed to drink said bottle in one sitting.

I mean there are robots that turn around in circles and vacuum our floors.  How hard could it be to make something as genius as this? Not to mention, who wouldn’t buy this product? Fashion + the personality of an enabler = see ya later Snuggie.


26 Apr

This is the place where ideas are hatched.

Here little idea! Here little idea!

See you soon.